Bespoke marketing API integrations

Extend your reach by sending messages to—and through—other marketing platforms through RESTful API calls.

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Example of how Marketers can use Cordials REST channel
Personal Direct Mail

Not just talking about digital mailboxes. Using an automated REST Channel message, you can trigger an API call to any direct mail platform, like Poplar, Pebble Post, or Lob, any time a visitor on your website abandons their cart. In the triggered REST Channel message request body, you can pass the abandoned product name and image URL for the direct mail piece to be personalized for that contact.

Keep mobile wallet passes up to date

Use REST Channel to send data to a mobile wallet service, such as Passkit, to update a mobile wallet pass. For example, change the expiration date of a wallet pass that has already been added to your customer’s wallet. Or mark a wallet pass as used after your customer uses it inside your store. Upgrade a wallet pass as a customer’s loyalty level increases from silver, bronze to gold.

Set up your call center agents for success

Cordial's API integration tool allows you to send data to a call center to trigger a follow up call based on a customer’s real-time behavior. For example, when a visitor submits a form to learn more information, all the data about that customer including the form submission details can be sent to a call center agent for the most relevant follow-up call.

Personalize web browser notifications

Trigger personalized web browser notifications by sending a REST Channel message to any web browser notification platform of your choosing.

Regularly update your CRM

An automated REST Channel message can run nightly to perform a CRM refresh with the day's newest customer data. For example, send order data to your CRM platform for refreshed lifetime value.

Enhance and expand your activated data

REST Channel can also retrieve data from other systems in order to enhance or update contact data. Through a post-processing script, REST Channel can utilize data returned. For example, when a customer joins your loyalty program, a REST Channel message can be sent to your loyalty platform to retrieve the unique loyalty ID and included in a follow-up confirmation email or message back to the customer.

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