Accelerate your digital growth with Cordial and AWS

Cordial strives to deliver the highest level of service to our partner brands. Collecting, storing, and managing massive volumes of customer data for our clients—and leveraging that data to deliver individualized messaging at scale—is the foundation of the Cordial platform.

The infrastructure powering our platform

Architectural requirements

The AWS cloud services architecture enables unmatched scalability, reliability, and availability of this data with high security and compliance standards. These architectural requirements are critical underpinnings to the Cordial platform’s capabilities used by our clients for their digital customer experiences.

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Scalable speed

Operating at scale with reliability, redundancy, and security is paramount to servicing our clients. Cordial’s powerful and flexible platform is supported by Amazon Web Services. Built on services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amazon Elasticache, AWS helps fuel our business by speeding and simplifying the development of cutting edge technology embraced by our growing number of enterprise brands.

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Sending tens of billions of messages

Architected for the unprecedented scale of personalized messaging across any channel, the Cordial platform meets the demands of companies with the highest message send volumes and highest customer engagement. With support from AWS, Cordial scales and mobilizes massive amounts of real-time customer data. Our clients can analyze performance, segment customers, and trigger personalized messages within the Cordial platform or send data to on-premise and cloud-based analytics systems such as Amazon Redshift.

Powered by AWS, the Cordial messaging platform is delivering results for our brands

Case Study
Ancient Nutrition

"Cordial is the only platform we found that allows us to truly take advantage of all of our data. We can add real value to our users by offering related and useful information as well as products that could support them. And as their interests shift, our messages shift with them – automatically." —Lauren Purcell, Senior Marketing Manager

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Case Study

"We tested a product email for seat cushions with a message around upgrading your home office and it was really well received. This email proved there was enough interest in the market to support a full digital campaign. And once that started, the category just exploded." —Scott Cohen, Senior Email Marketing Manager

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