Cordial Certification Program

Cordial Certification is awarded to technical professionals who successfully pass Cordial certification exams.

Thank you for your interest in the Cordial Certification Program! Cordial Certification is awarded to technical professionals who successfully pass Cordial certification exams. Our program lets you demonstrate your proficiency and skill with the Cordial platform. Once you pass a certification exam, you can use your certification to promote yourself to the communities, projects, companies and employers that are important to you. 

Why get certified? Certifications give you a professional edge by providing industry endorsed evidence of skills mastery, demonstrating your abilities and willingness to embrace new technologies. Certify with Cordial — unlock new opportunities!

Certification Overview

Cordial currently has a single certification path, Cordial Platform Certification, which tests for technical platform competency. Concepts such as more complex SMARTY logic, advanced data management, integrations and setup across multiple channels will be covered in the exams. Thus, developers and technical roles are the target audience for Cordial certifications. Additional certification paths may be added in the future. The full training and enablement program is available for non-technical resources, however, certification is reserved for the technical audience. 

Training and Readiness

All certification exams are backed by rich training content offered as online self-paced curriculum and/or instructor-led training sessions. If you are new to the Cordial platform, begin by completing the training and enablement curriculum. Clients contact your CSM and Partners can inquire at

If you already have deep technical expertise through your experience working in the platform and/or have completed the Cordial self-paced or instructor-led technical training, you are ready to take the Cordial certification exams!

Cordial Certified Professional 

Once you pass the exam(s), you will be certified and receive a digital badge representing your achievement of Cordial Certified Professional. You may include your digital mark of certification in your email signature and on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Benefits of Certification

Your investment in obtaining Cordial certification can bring you many benefits including:

  • Demonstrate your proven expertise
  • Achieve industry recognition
  • Highlight skills companies seek
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace
  • Heighten your earnings potential
  • Boost your resume 
  • Prepare yourself for a successful future

Start today, verify your Cordial expertise and unlock new opportunities!

Certification Process

Achievement of Cordial Platform Certification requires completion and passing of two exams:

  • A multiple choice test assessing general platform competency with 80% correct responses
  • Building two use cases. (use case details will be provided) demonstrating practical expertise in the key capabilities of the Cordial messaging platform

 To learn more about our certification program or get started with your certification, please contact us at Thank you for your interest in the program!