360training increases email revenue by 45% with cart abandonment triggers

How 360training uses Cordial to achieve higher revenue from abandoned carts and provide a more personalized customer experience.

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Arrow pointing up45.4%

Increase in revenue generated by email in year one

Arrow pointing up27.6%

Increase in revenue generated by email in year two


Abandoned cart revenue generated monthly


360training is the world's largest online job training course provider with 6,000+ courses and 11 million+ learners.


As the world’s largest online job training course provider, 360training offers more than 6,000 courses and has served more than 11 million users to date. Its core offerings tailored to both corporate solutions and individuals.

The challenge

Fueled in part by the recent boom in the housing market, 360training has seen strong interest from real estate professionals seeking licensing-related training. While the firm’s automated sales process translates to high numbers of transactions and a fast, hands-off cycle, it also faces a challenge that typically has more in common with online clothing retailers: cart abandonment. 

Heading into 2020, the company was working with an affiliate cart abandonment partner—a relationship that, while yielding dividends in terms of number of sales, was also eating into 360training’s profits due to a high per-transaction commission. In addition, the affiliate partner’s data sources were not synced effectively with 360training and they didn’t have a clean record of who was targeted for messaging from our system, leading to missed opportunities and lost sales. Sending follow-ups became difficult and was not the experience 360training wanted for their customers or their prospects.

“We operate in a highly competitive landscape,” says Kristen Hess, Director, Customer Retention Marketing at 360training. “Speed of follow up is a critical success factor for us, and the more personalization that is involved, the harder it becomes to operate as efficiently as we need to. That was a key reason we turned to Cordial, and it’s something they’ve helped us with enormously.”

The solution

Working closely with Cordial’s team, 360training opted to move their cart abandonment outreach and processes onto the platform, beginning in July of 2020. Together, the two teams designed a personalized, automated 3-touch email series for 360training, triggered in the event of an abandoned cart.

A key benefit of shifting cart abandonment to Cordial is that the 360training team was already using Cordial for its personalization and multi-channel marketing and sales outreach. 

That enabled the company to achieve much tighter data syncing on its cart abandonment efforts, removing the need to work through multiple vendors to transition its abandoned cart campaigns, shortening the time for initial outreach, and leading to more opportunities to close customers with personalized offers before they were lost.

Also, consolidating all messaging streams under one roof created a more cohesive user experience and the ability to build the most tightly orchestrated, cross-channel customer journeys.

"We were ready to level up our marketing automation with smart targeting through data synching and advanced triggering. After researching our options, Cordial was found to be the sweet spot of customization and ease of use with a full team of support people that we meet with regularly. And it offers us a chance to develop and grow over time with the available add-on services like direct mail, data automations and SMS."

Kristen Hess, Director Customer Retention Marketing, 360training

The result

Since moving to Cordial, the team at 360training saw a 45.4% increase in email revenue in their first year, and a 27.6% increase in email-attributed revenue in their second year. Their abandoned cart sequences are generating $200,000 to $250,000 per month. That’s not just a higher conversion rate than they were achieving with their previous provider—it also costs less to generate sales. “With our previous vendor, each abandoned cart sale cost us a percentage of the revenue from the deal,” says Kristen. “Getting away from that model with Cordial, combined with a superior user experience for our customers and prospects, has had a significant impact on our return from each sale.”