Ancient Nutrition leverages customer data to create engaging personalized experiences

How a health and wellness e-commerce store leverages cross-platform data to provide the ultimate personalized experience.

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Ancient Nutrition provides whole-food nutrition products informed by ancient health wisdom to provide today’s consumers with vital nutrients in a convenient, modern form.
Key Channels Used

Health and wellness e-commerce store Ancient Nutrition uses Cordial to deliver deeply personalized experiences to its consumers. Prior to Cordial, Ancient Nutrition was stuck using three separate providers for its email program and was unable to access its own data to build effective strategies. Since switching to Cordial, Ancient Nutrition can leverage vast amounts of customer data to create relevant and engaging personalized experiences. As a result, Ancient Nutrition has improved customer engagement, increased revenue, and enhanced brand loyalty.

The problem

Ancient Nutrition is more than just an e-commerce store. It’s a publisher that has built a trusted brand on providing science-based, research-supported wellness education. Providing relevant content is an important part of Ancient Nutrition’s company mission, as it helps to keep its community informed and engaged.

The problem was, Ancient Nutrition was using three different email platforms to communicate with their customers. They were using a legacy provider to send batch campaigns, a separate point solution to send automated messages, and yet another platform to send transactional communications. All of these platforms stored data independently, and none of them communicated with one another. This created frustrating data silos for the team which hampered their ability to leverage customer data to build personalized communications. Worse still, none of their communications were connected which created a disjointed and inconsistent customer experience.

It was clear that Ancient Nutrition needed a single, powerful email service provider to build a centralized email program that could sustain the company’s continued growth. After an extensive review of candidates, they turned to Cordial.

The solution

Switching to Cordial enabled Ancient Nutrition to consolidate three messaging platforms into one, providing an immediate lift in engagement and revenue. Cordial also enabled them to connect all marketing communications and capitalize on their customer data. Up until this point their data was scattered across different systems and could not be used to build tailored customer experiences. By leveraging Cordial’s flexible data architecture, Ancient Nutrition finally had full access to their real-time data, which they used to build a 360 degree view of each customer.

Armed with this wealth of new information, the team got straight to work personalizing their welcome campaign messages. This was a key touchpoint for the business because it not only provided educational information, it also introduced customers to Ancient Nutrition’s product catalog and promoted first purchase. The marketing team used Sculpt, Cordial’s drag-and-drop email builder to create an email template that was fully customizable based on the user’s browsing history and preferences.

Success with personalized welcome series messaging

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Email revenue

"Cordial is the only platform we found that allows us to truly take advantage of all of our data. From our very first interaction with a user, we are able to send customized messages based on their interests. We can add real value to our users by offering related and useful information as well as products that could support them. And as their interests shift, our messages shift with them – automatically."

Lauren Purcell, Senior Marketing Manager

Next, Ancient Nutrition focused their efforts on a set of triggered abandoned cart and back-in-stock campaigns which were a key piece of their re-engagement strategy, bringing customers back to the site and promoting repeat purchases. The team used Podium, Cordial’s visual orchestration layer, to build sophisticated multi-step automations personalized with content, products, and promotions unique for each user. Within weeks the team was seeing huge increases in both return site visitors and overall message revenue.

Ancient Nutrition also leveraged Podium Experiments to A/B test ensure automation flows and optimize for not only opens and clicks, but purchases and revenue. The marketing team tests email subject lines and content placement for every email that goes out. They are also testing the use of content versus creative images to ensure their design dollars are being used effectively.

Bolstered by the success of their welcome and re-engagement campaigns Ancient Nutrition began rebuilding their transactional communications. Messages like subscription and purchase confirmations now have the option to skip, reschedule, or edit the cart with just one click, improving the customer experience and streamlining business operations.

"We have only just scratched the surface of what is possible in terms of personalization with our data on Cordial and all the technology they provide. When a customer demonstrates to us that they have interest in a particular health issue or wellness niche, we have the ability to directly market to them the right solution at the time when it’s most needed."

Lauren Purcell, Senior Marketing Manager

The results

Since switching to Cordial Ancient Nutrition has seen substantial gains in their engagement and revenue, and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. Ancient Nutrition has increased its email revenue by 23% since switching to Cordial, alongside a 12% increase in customer engagement.

Why Ancient Nutrition chose Cordial
  • A single platform for sales and content
  • Real-time personalization
  • Expanded capabilities
  • Data transparency
  • Experts at transitioning from a legacy platform
What’s next for Ancient Nutrition

Next on the agenda is the migration of all their transactional messages into Cordial, as well as expanding into new channels such as SMS, browser notifications, and Facebook Messenger. Their ultimate goal is to send every single customer communication through one platform and they are confident Cordial is the partner to help them make that a reality. “The dream is to incorporate all communications across all channels into a single data environment that lets us optimize the right means to meet the right customer at the right time. And Cordial will help us get there”, notes Lauren Purcell, Senior Marketing Manager at Ancient Nutrition.

Cordial strives to deliver the highest level of service to our partner brands. Collecting, storing, and managing massive volumes of customer data for our clients—and leveraging that data to deliver individualized messaging at scale—is the bread-and-butter of the Cordial platform. The AWS cloud services architecture enables unmatched scalability, reliability, and availability of this data with high security and compliance standards. These architectural requirements are critical underpinnings to the Cordial platform’s capabilities utilized by clients like Ancient Nutrition.