Cordial Partner

Our 3+ year partnership with Ansira focuses on customer experience transformation driven by strategy and data science to fully exploit Cordial's data capabilities and enabling increasingly more complex targeting, segmentation and personalization at scale. The Ansira team has deep marketing and technical expertise in the Cordial platform. Each year Cordial sponsors EiQ, a unique, cutting-edge experience focused on email marketing, CX & loyalty trends, performance and innovation which is hosted by Ansira.


Ansira, a leading data-driven, technology-enabled marketing solutions provider, specializes in the integration of local and national marketing programs through marketing automation, data analytics, CRM and integrated media.


Service Partner


Success always starts with a plan. Our team taps into decades of experience to transform your email marketing — whether you’re looking to enhance a specific campaign, better align your email program to enterprise business goals, or roll out a complete brand-to-local email strategy.

Content & Creative

Our writers, art directors, and user experience (UX) pros take your brand messages and turn them into engaging, actionable email communications. Our mobile-first designs allow for creative flexibility without compromising usability.

Martech Consulting & Integration

First we evaluate your situation. Next we pick the platforms that get you where you want to go. And then we build it all to your specs. We have a breadth of experience across ESPs and CRM technologies — and integrating the data between them.


Your emails have to look good and perform better. Our developers specialize in responsive, mobile-first design and work within multiple ESP user interfaces, common programming language, and proprietary platform languages to build out highly personalized communications. No email goes out into the world until it renders properly across every email client.

Deployment & Delivery

Email marketing 101: Make sure your messages reach your most engaged customers. We help optimize your sender reputation and address deliverability issues as they arise.

Analytics & Insights

If you don’t use metrics to create better, more personalized customer experiences, then you might as well not send emails at all. Don’t stop at vanity metrics such as open and click-through rates; what happens after that is all that matters. We assess performance across campaigns and within the entire email channel so you can test, learn, and optimize as efficiently and effectively as possible to boost sales and sentiment.