Cordial Partner

Cordial seamlessly connects to Heap as your preferred digital insights platform, so you can enrich customer profiles, increase message personalization capabilities, and improve digital insights about your customers. With our bi-directional integration, you can easily stream your customers’ real-time events and contact attribute data from Cordial into Heap for in-the-moment campaign insights and also sync segments of behavioral data from Heap into lists in Cordial to enrich cross-channel campaigns and segmentation.


Heap is the future of digital insights, providing the best alternative to costly, slow and inaccurate legacy analytics. Heap’s low-code, easy-to-use digital analytics software provides the quickest time to insights, which marketing teams can use to create the best possible digital experiences and accelerate their business.


Technology Partner

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Cordial as a data source

With Heap’s integration with Cordial, you can stream real-time events and contact attributes from your customers in Cordial to Heap, giving your teams a complete understanding of your customers' digital journeys—so you can quickly improve conversion, retention, and customer delight.

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Cordial as a data destination

With Heap and Cordial's integration, you can sync segments of behavioral data in Heap into lists in Cordial. Using user level behavioral data from Heap along with other contact data of your customers in Cordial, you can create dynamic segments of contacts for advanced segmentation, more personalized cross-channel messaging experiences, and filtering analytics and reporting.

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