Cordial Partner

By combining Radar's advanced location infrastructure and Cordial's powerful marketing platform, businesses can leverage real-time location data to deliver highly personalized and contextually relevant app experiences and marketing campaigns. This integration empowers businesses to drive targeted engagement, personalize customer experiences, and boost overall marketing effectiveness, resulting in improved customer loyalty and increased revenue.


Radar is location infrastructure for every product and service. Companies like Panera, T-Mobile, and Zillow use Radar’s geofencing SDKs and maps APIs to power location-based experiences across hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.


Technology Partner

Data destination icon
Cordial as a data destination

Send Radar location events to Cordial via webhooks to trigger location-based messages upon geofence entry or exit

Enrich user profiles and refine audience segments with first-party location data, like recent store visitors

Improve the user experience through location based experiences like in-app features, store maps, store locators, address autocomplete, and more

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