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Cordial seamlessly connects to Recharge as your subscription payment solution, so you can get the most out of all your data. Sync subscription data from Recharge directly in Cordial based on real-time changes to subscription status of shoppers. Recharge and Cordial help you unlock the power of your real-time data to create more personal experiences with your customers and maximize the ROI of every message sent.


Recharge is the leading subscription payments solution, helping ecommerce merchants of all sizes launch and scale subscription offerings. Recharge’s subscription management solutions help merchants grow by increasing revenue and customer lifetime value while reducing cost and churn.


Technology Partner

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Cordial as a data destination

Sync subscription data from Recharge to Cordial as contact enabled Supplement record

Allows for bulk update historic and ongoing real-time syncs

Cordial uses Recharge data – combined with other business data – to trigger messages, personalize content, segment audiences, and report on audience trends based on real-time subscription status

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