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Shift Paradigm brings deep technical expertise and know-how to our partnership. With an unlimited amount of data elements to ingest, transform and utilize with our platform, Shift Paradigm fully exploits the power of the modern architecture of Cordial’s marketing and data solution. Cordial offers Shift Paradigm a better way to solve for challenging and unique data-driven client use cases which often are encountered with brands that fall outside of our sweetspot industry of Retail and eCommerce. We treasure the technical depth and creative problem solving we collaboratively illuminate for brands working side-by-side in partnership with Shift Paradigm.


Shift Paradigm represents an end-to-end shift in the way organizations align around growth. A consultancy that acts like an agency, Shift Paradigm offers email marketing and marketing automation movements by helping thousands of organizations implement marketing technology platforms.


Service Partner

Marketing Strategy

Identify the right actions to take. Growing your business is our business. Our marketing strategy team helps you grow a loyal and engaged audience while building the business case for new initiatives that drive measurable change.

Technology Consulting

Tools to propel you forward. Technology alone does not produce results. It takes smart people making wise decisions about how best to use the tools you’ve invested in. We bring years of experience with some of the world’s most innovative marketing technologies to provide better, faster, more impactful results for the clients we serve.

Agency Services

Bringing new ideas to life. Looking for a partner to evolve your marketing program? You’ve come to the right place. We can be your agency of record, a full-service partner, or a specialist to help you bring a new product to your audience. Whatever you need, we’re here for you.

Analytics & Insights

Insights to advance your goals. Digital marketing is, at its core, an iterative process. This makes every message an opportunity to learn and improve. Our Test & Learn approach combines services and technologies that allows us to measure your program’s performance, monitor your program’s health and uncover insights to inform next steps.