Cordial Partner

Create your own white-labeled distributed marketing platform with SmarterSends and Cordial. It costs nothing to get an instance spun-up and integrated with Cordial, and it takes less than 10 minutes to do. SmarterSend' flexible templating, permissioning, and approval workflow system allows you to enforce brand and legal compliance, and tailor a solution that fits your organizations unique needs and goals. A 30 day free-trial lets you try before you buy.


SmarterSends is an easy-to-use distributed marketing interface, designed for non-marketers, to create, schedule and deploy brand compliant emails through Cordial.




Technology Partner

Cordial as a data source

Designed with management control in mind, SmarterSends is the easiest, most powerful distributed marketing add-on to your Cordial instance. Quickly empower your distributed, non-technical users to create, schedule and deploy brand-safe, corporate approved email marketing with little to no training needed. Connect your Cordial account in minutes for free and get up-and-running quickly.

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