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Cordial seamlessly connects to Snowflake as your established data warehouse, so you can unify your data and unlock its full potential. Through our native bi-directional data integration with Snowflake, mutual clients can gain instant access to valuable first-party customer data generated from Cordial in their Snowflake account via Secure Data Sharing, as well as automatically detect and load new contact data from Snowflake into Cordial to enrich the profile data on their customers on a recurring basis.


Snowflake’s Data Cloud — a global network where data is mobilized with near limited scale, concurrency and performance — allows organizations to easily siloed data, discover and securely share governed data, and execute diverse analytic workloads.


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Cordial as a data source

Seamlessly access valuable first-party customer data from Cordial directly in your Snowflake Data Cloud. Cordial offers a native integration through Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing feature for immediate access to ready-to-query data. Unlike traditional data sharing methods, Snowflake’s unique architecture enables secure sharing between data provider and clients without the need to copy, transfer, or move data, eliminating friction and unnecessary costs. To learn more, check out our knowledge base documentation.

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Cordial as a data destination

Automatically detect and load new or updated contact data from Snowflake into Cordial to enrich the profile data on your customers. Set up a direct connection from your Snowflake instance to Cordial to sync data on a recurring basis. This enriched profile data can be leveraged in Cordial to improve segmentation and create more personalized messaging experiences across channels.

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