Cordial Partner

Cordial collaborates with Tinuiti to combine our next generation messaging platform with their comprehensive, results-driven approach supplementing in-house team capabilities by utilizing a unique blend of strategy, testing, deployment, and creative; all with the goal to help brands scale their email marketing engagements and revenue.


Tinuiti is the new name for Elite SEM and its recent acquisitions: CPC Strategy, Email Aptitude, and OrionCKB. Tinuiti specializes in Amazon Marketplaces, with additional services in Paid Search, Mobile Apps, CRM and Email Marketing.


Service Partner

Expert Strategy & Innovation

With the right strategic foundation in place, a well-run email program can be the most efficient revenue-driving channel for your brand. Our expert strategists make educated decisions based on planning and roadmap development to boost customer engagement both in and out of the inbox. The team works with you every step of the way, collaborating on product and industry insight as well as managing deployment, testing, and hybrid options. And because we always work with performance in mind, we monitor metrics to make continual improvements across every part of your email program. Pretty neat, huh?

Audit & Analysis

Let us conduct a deep analysis of your email program—you might be surprised at what we find. We examine your process, metrics, strategy, data, and other critical areas. Then we analyze everything from your business goals to your customer profiles, providing meaningful recommendations for holistic email campaign enhancement. It doesn’t always require a complete overhaul, either. This process often uncovers relatively simple improvements that can show a big lift—even for complex email programs.

Deliverability Resolution & Database Management

Most email programs face serious deliverability challenges at some point. Whether in bad shape with inboxing, or just want to move the needle further, our team has seen it all and can come up with a plan that helps turn your issues around. And speaking of issues, poor database health can be equally as detrimental, which is why we offer database management to maintain and improve list health, help make system migrations, and provide data-based strategic recommendations to support all of your email campaigns.

Production, Testing & Deployment

Whether you need additional resources to handle the production of your email assets or you need more knowledge of email design best practices, the Tinuiti team can handle the concept and coding of all your emails to ensure your program is the most efficient it can be. We also provide full management of all email testing and message deployments so you can stay focused on other objectives. This includes executing email sends, building and managing campaign triggers, synchronizing promotions with your calendar events, and regular monitoring and reporting to keep you up-to-date on everything.

ESP Selection & Migration

Selecting an Email Service Provider is an arduous process. Even more complex is migrating to a new ESP. Let us help you with both. For ESP Selection, an ESP expert will do a deep-dive analysis and comparison of providers to help you determine which is optimal for your brand. Tinuiti also provides full end-to-end migration for brands of all sizes and types. From startups to enterprise. From single- to multi-brands. We provide a hands-on approach from start to finish.