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Use all of your data in real time to send a better message

Data is the foundation for personal, relevant, and intelligent messaging. With a customer data platform at its core, l Cordial is built to simplify how you use all of your data to create more powerful customer engagement.

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Example of how the Cordial Data Platform provides marketers and technologists with increased flexibilty

Cordial’s Data Platform collects all of your customer and business data from wherever it lives in your technology stack.

With multiple real-time data feeds flowing into the platform, complex data is activated and ready for immediate use across all your messaging channels. Our Data Platform empowers your marketing team to segment audiences, trigger automations, optimize content, and create personal messages based on your customers’ individual behavior and your ever-changing business data.

  • For your marketing team Deeper understanding of your customer and the ability to send complex, personal messages in minutes
  • For your technology team Integrate infinite data sources exactly as they are, without changing your schemas or structures
  • For your business Increased customer loyalty and retention, ultimately driving more revenue

Collect data from anywhere

Cordial’s real-time customer data platform collects contact, event, behavior, product, and purchase data from all of your systems: POS systems, connected IoT products, mobile apps, beacons, websites, product inventory, CRMs, customer data platforms, and more.

Example of how you could use the Cordial Data Platform

Unlock your potential

Cordial can activate data from all types of  sources with enterprise compliance and security, giving your marketing team the ability to make decisions based on detailed customer insights or business  data points without requiring any additional development.

Tilly’s connects their digital and in-store shopping experiences by activating geolocation data in Cordial. For example, when a new location opens, Tilly’s can send a promotional email to customers within 50 miles from the new store’s postal code.

Example of Cordial Data Platform benefits for Marketers and Technologists

Use data the second it’s activated

Manual CSV uploads and nightly updates are a thing of the past. Data flows into Cordial in real-time, meaning you can react to customer behavior and actions the moment they happen, from any channel—without file reformatting or external data manipulation.

Daily Insight Group implemented browse and cart abandonment triggers, which increased click-through rate by 35% and purchases by 300%.

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Example of Cordial Data Platform benefits for Marketers and Technologists

Integrate into your tech stack

Cordial is built on a flexible architecture, which allows you to easily add data to the platform using the method that’s easiest for you: REST API, Javascript SDK, Amazon S3 Bucket, SFTP, or Kinesis stream.

GovX completely replaced their legacy ESP in less than 30 days and saw an immediate benefit. They are operating much more efficiently and can focus time on new ideas and creative approaches.

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One complete view of your customer

Cordial’s contact dashboard provides a detailed view of each individual customer, including location data, real-time events, order history, current cart products, and product engagement alongside any supplemental data relevant to that customer. No more jumping between systems or incomplete pictures of who your customers are, and how they interact with your brand over time.

Customize the dashboard by defining custom attributes like total purchases, lifetime value, and loyalty level to include on each contact dashboard—highlighting the data you care most about for each customer.

Cordial Data Platform Dashboard

Cordial has given me, as a developer-minded marketer, the comfort of knowing that we no longer have to restrict what other software we use because it doesn't integrate with our ESP. It opens doors for us to use whatever tech stack we want because Cordial is flexible enough to work with it.

Jordan Allen, Director of Marketing Technology, Lume

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