The Cordial Data Platform collects all of your customer and business data from wherever it lives in your technology stack.

With multiple real-time data feeds flowing into the platform, complex data is activated and ready for immediate use in your messaging programs. The Cordial Data Platform empowers your marketing team to segment audiences, trigger automations, optimize content, and create personal messages based on your customers’ individual behavior and your ever-changing business data.

Cordial is the only platform that allows us to truly take advantage of all of our data. From our very first interaction with a user, we are able to send customized messages based on their interests which has translated to a 12% increase in overall email revenue and 23% increase in overall email engagement.

Lauren Purcell
Senior Marketing Manager

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To your marketing team: deeper understanding of your customer and the ability to build complex, adaptive messages in minutes

To your business: increased customer loyalty and retention, ultimately driving more revenue

To your customer: interactions with your brand feel relevant and personal

Discover all the ways to use your data to create a deeper connection with your customers

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