Transform your marketing with AI-powered insights

Innovative AI that empowers marketers to unleash their full creativity. Customizable to your unique needs, Cordial's comprehensive AI-powered solutions optimize every step of the custom journey by automating routine decision-making, bolstering creativity, and serving as a trusted advisor to make smarter decisions.

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Generate smarter content—faster

Swiftly generate email subject lines and cross-channel messaging content to speed up the production process and spark creativity. Cordial delivers AI-generated content suggestions based on basic details that can be customized for tone and length with a click of a button.

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Anticipate your customers’ every move

Use machine learning to predict future behaviors and actions, determine the propensity of your customers, predict buying habits, mitigate churn, and more. Easily build audiences, recommend products, and personalize the user experience to make more informed decisions to predict future outcomes of your customers.

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Make smarter, more informed decisions

Maximize your marketing effectiveness and identify the most effective strategies and tactics to achieve your business goals. Use AI to prescribe next-best actions for customers and surface missed opportunities in your campaign strategy to improve your marketing effectiveness.

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The Cordial AI Difference

Enterprise-Grade AI at Scale

With Cordial's AI-driven platform at the heart of your strategy, take command of millions of user interactions across hundreds of future-thinking brands. Our advanced AI processes customer behavior, preferences, and attributes in real time, allowing our AI tools to constantly evolve and adapt to your business needs.

Personalized Performance

AI predictive models unique as your customers' behaviors. Fine-tune Cordial’s predictive models using your own data, or even integrate your own! Unlike a 'one size fits all' approach, Cordial AI adapts to fit your unique business needs, ensuring personalized intelligence.

Cross-Channel Flexibility

Empower your marketing strategy and unlock new opportunities across channels. Generate smarter content, predict behaviors, surface missed opportunities, and make smarter decisions across every step of the customer journey with fully integrated AI capabilities.

Let Predictive Intelligence answer the hard questions for you

Predictive Audiences

Engagement score

Tie all of your customer touch points to create a single ranking of how engaged they are. Easily create segments to target those most likely to purchase or those that need a win back incentive.

Product Recommendations

Category bestsellers

Use purchase data from your website and/or app to push category best sellers in a Sculpt block to include in your promotional or transactional emails and messages.

Inventory Triggers

New arrivals

Alert customers of products from categories popular in their area, that they’ve purchased in the past, or that they have a high predictive category affinity for.


Machine learning

Leverage machine learning to automate message experiments to automatically favor better performing variants quicker, with less effort.

Predictive Audiences

Cross-channel scoring

Understand each customer’s preferred frequency and type of communication in order to send a 1:1 message at the optimal cadence.

Product Recommendations

Other people who bought

Cordial can build a map between products and display complimentary deals to the product within your customers basket.

Inventory Triggers

Low inventory / Back in stock

Notify customers who have searched, browsed, added to a cart or wish list, and those who have a high predictive affinity score that item is low in inventory or back-in-stock.


Multivariate testing

Run multiple experiments within the same message, in conjunction or independently, to optimize subject lines, content areas, and calls-to-action automatically and at scale.

Predictive Audiences

Brand harmony

Score and segment your subscribers into engagement cohorts based on how engaged they are with your brand. This makes it easy for the marketeer to create and test lifecycle flows to move more subscribers into your highest value cohort.

Product Recommendations

Category affinity

Dynamically change content of the message based on the customer’s category affinity to show specific brands or products they’re interested in.

Inventory Triggers

Price drop

Alert customers when items they’ve searched for, added to their cart, or added to their wishlist have decreased in price.


Predictive path

Understand the preferred channel(s) customers convert most in and send them messages in that specific channel to optimize conversion.