The power of understanding with Cordial AI

More than just a suite of tools, Cordial AI is the key to unlocking a comprehensive understanding of your customers, your messages, and you - the marketer, to deliver highly personalized campaigns that drive business results like never before.

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Marketer working on computer with AI powered assistance

Understand your customers

Gain deep insights into your customers' behavior, preferences, and propensities, enabling you to deliver personalized experiences that resonate. Predict how your specific users will respond to messages, and determine the ideal channels, time, frequency and content to achieve your goals.

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Understand your messages

Don't settle for generic content - let Cordial AI unlock the secrets to impactful messaging. Our contextual analysis pinpoints the factors that drive message performance, consumer engagement, and conversions. Gain a deeper understanding of what message resonates and why, leveraging these insights to continually refine and optimize high-impact campaigns that deliver results.

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Understand you, the marketer

Marketers shouldn't have to learn complex marketing platforms - the platform should understand them. Cordial's More Human UX revolutionizes marketing with natural language interfaces and virtual teammates to seamlessly complete tasks naturally, without wrestling with code or needing tools expertise.

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The Cordial AI Difference

Data Flexibility and Adaptability

Your data is unique, and so is your business. Cordial's next-gen data platform embraces this uniqueness with unparalleled flexibility and power. Unlike traditional marketing platforms, Cordial’s strength lies in its ability to handle diverse data shapes and structures dynamically enabling a comprehensive and nuanced understanding tailored to your specific business’s needs.

Powerful AI, Made Simple

Data is the fuel that drives your marketing, but Cordial AI is the accelerator that ignites its true potential. Cordial's AI-driven technology combines Cordial's powerful data capabilities with cutting-edge AI, making your data accessible through marketer-friendly natural language interfaces and actionable through deep customer understanding. Turn complex data into clear, actionable insights, that enable you to tailor messages with precision.

Human Understanding at Scale

Cordial AI is about building understanding – understanding your customers to create better experiences, understanding you as a marketer to facilitate better collaboration, and ultimately, to drive better results for your business. Cordial leverages AI to comprehend your customers, but also to understand you, the marketer, making our platform more intuitive and iterative. This holistic understanding is what sets Cordial AI apart, truly harnessing AI's potential.