Leverage everything you know about your customers.

Build on all previous touchpoints to create relevant brand experiences unique to each person and messaging channel. Send personal messages through email, mobile push, in-app, and SMS—and use Open Channel to connect channels we haven't even thought of yet.

“Since switching to Cordial email revenue is up 155% and conversion rate is up 232%. It’s unbelievable! The folks we are bringing to the site are ready and willing to convert!”

Jill Thomas
Former CMO


To your marketing team: single source of truth for cross-channel marketing campaigns

To your technology team: use the same data integrations for all messaging channels

To your customers: personal, relevant and emotionally intelligent messages at every touchpoint, not just one or two channels

Connect with every customer, regardless of time, device, or channel

Join the world's leading brands who partner with us to communicate cordially

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