Deliver A Personal, Unified Experience Across All Channels

Connect with your customers in more meaningful ways across email, SMS & mobile app. Use marketing automation and native multichannel messaging tools to tailor content to each person and channel at time of send.

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Engage with each customer at all the right moments.

Combine rich behavioral and customer data with complex business data to create revenue-driving messages, unique to each customer and channel. Cordial’s multi channel messaging platform increases customer engagement by sending personal messages via email, mobile push, in-app, and SMS—and use REST Channel to connect with other channels like call center and direct mail.

  • For your marketing team Single source of truth for cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • For your technology team Integrate once, activate all your data in each channel
  • For your customers Personal, relevant, and intelligent messages at every touchpoint, not just one or two channels

Drive more revenue through better email

With consumers demanding relevant brand experiences, email has the opportunity to make a significant impact on the bottom line. Leverage customer and business data to personalize email content in real-time, trigger emails based on events and behaviors, and automate content optimization using machine learning.

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Example of email you could send using the Cordial Platform

Communicate time-sensitive info with SMS

With exceptionally high engagement, SMS messages are at the forefront of mobile marketing. Trigger timely SMS messages based on customer events or behaviors, connect SMS campaigns with other messaging channels, and engage your customers with targeted, valuable messages.

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Example of SMS Marketing messages that can be sent with Cordial
Mobile App Messaging

Boost engagement with push and in-app messages

Engage your mobile app users with data-driven push notifications and triggered in-app messages. As your customers interact with your mobile app, website, and point-of-sale systems, immediately activate this data to create relevant, timely, personal messaging to increase engagement and conversions in your mobile apps.

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Example of the types of messages you can send in app with Cordial
Web Forms

Convert web visitors into loyal customers with Web Forms

Deploy Cordial’s website acquisition campaigns to track anonymous visitors, acquire new customers, and engage each visitor with personal, relevant incentives that drive subscriber growth.

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Example of Webforms using Cordial
REST Channel

Send personalized messages to systems, too

REST Channel runs on Cordial’s REST API and can be triggered by any event and then, in turn, activate an action or set of actions. Cordial clients use REST Channel to trigger a personalized direct mail, update user profile information in a CMS, or send user information to a call center...the sky’s the limit!

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Example of way you can extend the Cordial platform via REST APIs

Learn about the rest of Cordial's cross-channel marketing and data platform

Messaging Activation

Align your teams to develop reusable, scalable messaging workflows and create personalized messages in a single platform.

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Cordial's Data Platform

Collect all of your customer and business data from anywhere in your tech stack, and activate it for immediate use in your messaging programs.

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