Fully integrated text messaging at your customers’ fingertips

Tap into text, the world’s most personal messaging channel to deliver incredible value to your customers in a timely and engaging way. Connect all of your data sources to deliver high-value, personalized, and compliant text messages that seamlessly integrate alongside other messaging channels without ever losing connection.

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Reduce costs with fully integrated SMS

Unlock full cross-channel possibilities by seamlessly integrating SMS/MMS with email, mobile push, and in-app messaging to create unified cross-channel experiences—all in a single, data-centric platform. Streamline and automate transactional and marketing text messages into campaign workflows eliminating the need for single-channel messaging platforms while reducing cost.

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Individualize every text message with data

Cordial's data platform unifies everything you know about a customer—purchases, attributes, engagement and behaviors—into a single profile, with multiple contact identifiers. And, since Cordial tracks in real-time how a customer is engaging across channels, every SMS touchpoint can be hyper-personalized and attuned to the individual with dynamic content.

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Grow your SMS subscribers with confidence

Build and grow your SMS audiences with Cordial’s suite of compliant acquisition tools including web forms, lightboxes, email opt-in, and desktop and mobile pop ups. Create and manage custom text-to-join keywords with automated single or double opt-in reaffirm consent. Create personalized inbound keywords to trigger custom actions from replies—such as the keyword “rewards” to receive updates about rewards points.

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Built for enterprise SMS marketing

Clients can choose from short codes, vanity short codes, or long code (10DLC) numbers to send SMS and interactive MMS messages with interactive content like images/GIFs. Cordial's in-house onboarding, deliverability, and support teams help you get the most out of the platform—from turnkey SMS onboarding and setup with carriers, to personalized strategy guidance, to delivery performance optimization.

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SMS reporting and analytics

View multi-channel orchestration analytics and understand how your SMS program is performing over time. Gain insights into message-level performance, revenue, and clicks with full transparency of message delivery failures. With Cordial’s native SMS link shortener, track clicks on links inside SMS messages along with SMS-attributed revenue, with a complete view into broader cross-channel impact.

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Safe, secure and compliant SMS

Compliance is core to Cordial as an out-of-the-box experience, working closely with our SMS aggregator. Cordial’s full suite of SMS compliance tools enables you to stay TCPA, CTIA, HIPAA and GDPR compliant while optimizing your subscriber list safely, and securely. For instance, Cordial performs daily automatic look-up and removal of deactivated numbers from wireless carriers and provides customizable quiet hour delivery controls to to follow guidelines set by the TCPA and mobile carriers.

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"Even though our SMS audience is a fraction of the size of our email audience, we see 10 cents more revenue per send and a 6x increase in engagement compared to email. But it's more than just numbers. Having SMS/MMS capabilities natively in Cordial provides us a seamless, direct, and efficient way to connect with our customers across channels that we didn’t have before. Leveraging SMS alongside email has not only enhanced our communication speed, but also has given us a new, creative channel to showcase our products in a vibrant and engaging way."

Taylor Pierce, Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Johnston & Murphy

Ways Cordial clients are using SMS to connect with their customers

Promotional SMS

Daily deals, community updates, surveys and polls, new releases, SMS marketing, special events, localized discounts and offers

Automated SMS

Browse, product, and cart abandonment, alerts & notifications, loyalty program updates, AutoResponder, replenishment reminders, welcome messages, wallet-ready mobile gift certificates

Transactional SMS

Delivery confirmation, appointment scheduling, order confirmation, 2-factor authentication, reminders, password reset

Cordial clients creating seamless SMS cross-channel experiences