Cross-channel Experiences / Web Forms

Capture first-party data and grow your audience for cross-channel marketing

Convert web visitors into loyal customers through lightboxes, web modals, in-line forms, website top banners, and more.

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Example of a web form that can be created using Cordial
Create and launch new lightboxes in clicks, not weeks

A Web Form builder is a drag and drop web modal that helps marketing teams create, test, and launch lightboxes without writing code or relying on development resources. Using the responsive breakpoint feature, you can control the look of your Web Form design and customize the information you ask for in both desktop and mobile.

Personalize lightboxes with dynamic content based on customer behavior

Use real-time customer behavior from mobile app or website sessions (past and present) to engage each visitor with personal and relevant incentives. Dynamically pull cart items into an exit intent web modal to increase conversions, avoid abandoned carts, and grow your customer base.

Seamlessly grow your customer base

Easily create or update contacts in the Cordial contact database with website forms. Cordial’s flexible identity management isn’t channel dependent, so you can enable customers to subscribe to email and/or SMS. And, since all of this data lives in Cordial, it’s immediately available for message deployment. No waiting for nightly uploads or system syncs.

Engage customers and capture valuable first-party data with surveys

Create Web Forms with preference surveys to gather valuable explicit data about your customers. All answers are immediately available in Cordial for message personalization or advanced audience segmentation across any channel—SMS, mobile app messaging, or email.

Coordinate remarketing offers to increase conversions

Carry through the offer from any email or SMS into the web experience, encouraging customers to apply their personalized offer to items they view and cart. Replace the confusion of conflicting discounts and the regret of unused offers with a connected experience across every channel.

Gather valuable data before identification to personalize from the start

Together with our JavaScript listener, Cordial Web Forms enables marketers to collect buying signals, understand referral sources, gather website behavior all before a customer identifies or subscribes. Once the customer is identified, all historical behavioral data is synced with their profile, enabling the marketer to deliver personal and relevant content in their preferred channel(s) from the very beginning.

"Cordial Web Forms is a huge part of our user acquisition strategy and has been instrumental to our online revenue growth. The best part is how much you can do simply by dragging and dropping. We're able to set up a lead capture form or promotional banner within minutes and are capturing 1500 new users a month."

Ben Johnson, Former Senior Marketing Manager, Spy Optic

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