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Never misunderstand the customer: Cordial’s AI strategy delivers greater brand impact

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CordialMake a connection.

With its unrivaled data platform, Cordial’s AI strategy and capabilities lay a foundation of deep understanding to transform customer experience

SAN DIEGO — March 18, 2024 — Cordial, the leading marketing platform that automates billions of data-driven emails, SMS and mobile app messages for companies like Tillys, Realtor.com and REVOLVE, has released its roadmap for leveraging AI to drive a deeper understanding for brands. Grounded in the latest tools and advancements, this approach will translate into sustainable revenue growth and long-lasting customer relationships for leading retailers and companies. 

“At Cordial, we think the power of AI is so much more than generating generic content and bolted-on calls to generative models,” said Matt Howland, chief product and engineering officer at Cordial. “Our roadmap for maximizing AI’s value equips marketers on three fronts: gaining a clearer view of their customers, learning from and optimizing the messages they deliver, and understanding their own marketing goals to accomplish more. Harnessed effectively, AI is more than a suite of tools — it powers human understanding at scale.”

Marketing is rooted in data: accurate, actionable data about the customer, the business and the context of every conversation they share. Uniquely architected with a robust, flexible data platform to power real-time cross-channel messaging, Cordial has delivered results to brands that were previously constrained by legacy providers’ simplistic data offerings.  

If data is the foundation for radical customer understanding, AI is the fuel to drive marketing results.  

“Cordial is treating AI the right way by understanding the most relevant use cases and incorporating them directly into their platform. While other vendors usually tack on AI as one more way to amp up quantity without the promise of impact, Cordial’s vision provides a customer-led approach to elevate every element of the digital conversations,” said Jon Kosoff, chief digital officer of Tillys. “We believe that this approach — leading with a strategy of deep understanding — will drive sustainable growth for our business.”

Cordial’s strategy centers on three key pillars:

  • Understanding the customer: All too often, messaging platforms take a one-sided approach, with brands doing all the talking and no listening. But effective listening should foster understanding — and action. Cordial uses AI to truly know customers, allowing brands to personalize conversations using predictive content, right-time and right-channel orchestration and dynamic frequency optimization.
  • Understanding the message: By leveraging AI to gain deeper insight into why a message performs the way it does, Cordial enables each campaign to have greater success than the last. True understanding of the content and context of a message allows for not only scalable learnings, but predictions and prescriptions on the best messaging to drive results. Without this discernment, brands’ mass generation of content remains nothing more than endless A/B testing, lacking strategic value and making it increasingly difficult to iterate effectively and achieve long-term improvement. 
  • Understanding marketers: Cordial believes that marketers didn’t choose their profession to spend countless hours navigating through complex SaaS platforms. With a More Human UX featuring natural language interfaces and synthetic teammates, Cordial AI better comprehends marketers’ objectives and makes quick work of data reports and orchestration of advanced functionality across the platform. This empowers marketers to focus on their craft. 

“Legacy marketing clouds are touting AI as a shiny object to distract from their outdated platforms,” said Jeremy Swift, CEO and co-founder of Cordial. “Their rushed AI tools overpromise and underdeliver with generic content lacking customer understanding. Far from innovating, they’re contributing to the noise. Cordial’s approach stays true to our purpose: using data as the fuel — and AI as the accelerator — to help brands craft deeply personal experiences that resonate with customers and drive real business results.”

Last September, Cordial released the foundational phase of Cordial AI. Building upon this foundation, Cordial has expanded its AI product suite, introducing new customer understanding tools that optimize the send time, channel and frequency based on individual behaviors; build complex audiences through natural language inputs; and enable virtual AI collaboration to streamline marketing tasks and program creation through natural language. Powered by Cordial’s rich, flexible data platform, this set of tools with generative, predictive and prescriptive AI capabilities helps marketers execute strategies faster, anticipate their customers’ every move and make more adaptive, better-informed decisions.