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Use this Revenue Impact Calculator to see how Cordial can affect your bottom line. (Based on averages in your industry.)

Your estimated email marketing revenue per year is

If you are done with the calculator and wish for a more thorough evaluation, reach out to us for a complimentary assessment in which we will detail Cordial’s potential impact on your current programs as well as possibilities for new programs.

Well this is awkward...

You found a combination outside typical combinations of volume, campaigns and revenue. Maybe you’re just having fun with the calculator (if so, we totally get it).

If this is your actual revenue range, you might have unusually large (or small) average order value, high (or low) numbers of email sends, or you’re a wizard, Harry.

Take the next step and request a free Business Impact Assessment, and we’ll model the lift on your current performance based on similar clients in your industry.

What impacts the range?

Estimate your email marketing revenue with Cordial

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Want a more specific number?

What impact can we have on your bottom line?

You’ll want to reflect and ask yourself these questions about 6 particular aspects of your company.

eCommerce maturity

Is the majority of your revenue from a brick-and-mortar store or is ecommerce a newer strategy?

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Low average order value

Is your average order value lower than others in your industry (e.g., daily deals, small fashion accessories, etc.)?

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Low purchase frequency

Is your customer purchase frequency lower than others in your industry (e.g., consumers buy a mattress once every 7 years)?

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Digitally native company

Are you a direct-to-consumer company, and does ecommerce comprise a significant share of your overall revenue?

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High average order value

Is your average order value higher than others in your industry?

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High purchase frequency

Do your customers purchase frequently with a high share of wallet (fast fashion with limited editions, high-end outdoor gear)?