Saatva identifies 80% more cart abandons in first 90 days

How Saatva leverages Cordial’s ID Graph to reach previously anonymous site visitors and drive more sales

Saatva marketing

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Increase in identified abandoned cart customers

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Increase in triggered messages


Saatva is the direct-to-consumer luxury mattress and home furnishings brand that aspires to help every consumer get a great night’s sleep.
Key Channels Used
Email Data Platform

Saatva is a direct to consumer e-commerce mattress retailer, with 25% YOY growth in 2021. Positioned in the ultra-competitive online mattress space as an affordable luxury brand, Saatva’s products include innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses, along with bed frames, bases, and bedding—all of which feature premium materials at competitive prices.

The challenge

Operating in an industry with a number of competitors–both in physical and online settings–cart abandonment is a fact of life for Saatva. Site visitors often add a variety of options to their carts to determine pricing and shipping costs before bouncing off the site to compare against competitors’ offerings.

Since it is recommended to purchase a new mattress once every 7-10 years—or longer—Saatva has found it challenging to identify site visitors from previous purchase data, presenting obvious issues for improving abandoned cart conversion rates.

While Saatva had been working with a performance marketing company to identify and retarget anonymous site visitors, the platform was both expensive and limited in terms of results, requiring an escalation team to make adjustments during weekends and evenings.

“Our previous vendor gave us the ability to identify anonymous customers and trigger abandoned cart messages but their solution wasn’t sustainable for our growing marketing team,” says Joe Bernard, Marketing Manager at Saatva.

In addition, says Bernard, “we were really looking for a vendor that was more congruent with our brand values. We needed a solution with full visibility into how we find our audience and that gave us the ability to do everything ourselves, from immediate fixes on typos to quality control. That’s more important to us than anything that most managed services providers can offer.”

The solution

In the summer of 2021, Saatva began leveraging Cordial’s ID Graph solution — Identity+ — to identify site visitors based on prior behaviors, including:

  • Matching known IDs and email addresses to anonymous site visitors
  • Identifying known users browsing on different devices or browsers

With a much larger addressable audience, Saatva was then able to leverage Cordial’s platform to trigger more abandoned cart email messages to these users, improving the likelihood of conversions and sales.

"Cordial’s ID Graph has had a massive impact on the revenue we generate from our abandoned cart emails. The Cordial team projected a 40% improvement in the volume of abandoned cart consumers we could reach out to, and we have more than doubled that projection."

Joe Bernard, Marketing Manager at Saatva

“When we moved away from the managed solution we had been using, it put the control fully in our hands, and we’ve seen incredible results to date,” says Bernard. “A lot of that comes down to the onboarding experience: I’ve brought on 15 different ESPs throughout my career and, despite the level of complexity involved, this was by far the smoothest rollout and launch I’ve seen.” 

By increasing the number of identified users leveraging Cordial’s superior data platform and ID Graph, Saatva has seen a marked improvement in both the volume of abandoned cart consumers it could reach out to, as well as higher ROI from its investment in the program. 

“Cordial’s ID Graph has had a massive impact on the revenue we generate from our abandoned cart emails,” says Bernard. “The Cordial team projected a 40% improvement in the volume of abandoned cart consumers we could reach out to, and we have surpassed that by a wide margin.” 

“In a business where we’re educating customers about a product that they will use for the next 10 years, I can’t overstate the importance of being able to trigger personalized content and offers in the way that we can now. And the best part is that we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible with Cordial. I can’t wait to see where we are a year from now!”