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Build custom models — and better customer experiences — by unifying and transforming your data

Unify, transform, and enrich all of your data with Cordial’s built-in data transformation solution - Architect™. Architect lets marketers unify data sources through automated imports, improve data quality by transforming it for marketing activation, and create unique predictive models for enhanced customer engagement—ultimately driving higher revenue and lifetime value.

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Transform and enrich data in seconds

Streamline and automate the import, export, and syncing of complex customer data from any source and modernize your data schema with Architect’s native extract, transform, and load (ETL) functionality. Easily create custom data jobs in a no-code interface and perform advanced data transformations - all without IT or engineering resources.

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Create custom predictive models unique to your brand, your customers, and your products

One brand or multiple, create predictive models for everything from churn propensity, to product affinity, to lifetime value and customer engagement scores. No matter how complex or simple your business is, create custom models directly on the Cordial platform that maximize your brand’s ROI potential and improve customer experience.

Integrate and onboard more data about your customers

Make it simple to personalize on more data with a lower level of effort, both during setup and ongoing. Import, transform and enrich unlimited customer history and 18 months of event data, in order to unify the most robust and accurate view of each customer. Normalize data, cross-reference different customer IDs, and automatically share updated data to enrich every system of record.

Streamline your migration and accelerate time to value

Effortlessly sync opt-in user consent, channel preferences, and list membership status during migration to Cordial - eliminating maintaining by hand. Create highly engaged dynamic segments by mailbox provider and pre-schedule campaign assignments to boost reputation and achieve full sending capacity faster. Architect's powerful way to import and normalize data accelerates the migration timeline from months to weeks - minimizing your reliance on IT resources.

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"Architect makes the Cordial platform truly, completely customizable — if you dream it, you can build it. There seems to be no limit on what contact-level data you can put in the platform and then leverage for triggers, personalization, or segmentation in emails or other messages."

Scott Eckman, GM of E-Commerce and VP of Marketing at Rockler

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