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Unify, enrich, and activate all of your data from limitless sources

Cordial’s data platform was purposefully designed to allow marketers to use data in previously-impossible ways to truly create 1:1 messages—and relationships—with customers. With Architect, Cordial’s Data Transformations toolset, marketers can add new data dimensions in seconds to further segment, trigger, and personalize every message.

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Build and sustain competitive advantage by developing models unique to your brand, your customers, and your products.

One brand or multiple, create specific models to determine customer affinity to brand lines, products, or categories. No matter how complex or simple your business is, create models that maximize your brand’s ROI potential and improve customer experience.

Create and assign randomized data for each contact to uncover customer insights

Run split tests, both within Cordial or through other platforms, to better understand your customers and create thoughtful 1:1 messages that increase loyalty and lifetime value.

Integrate and onboard more data about your customers

Make it simple to personalize on more data with a lower level of effort, both during setup and ongoing. Ingest, transform and activate online and offline data. Normalize data, cross-reference different customer IDs, and automatically share updated data to enrich every system of record.

Keep data security at the heart of your organization

With Architect there is no need to export to external data repositories to interrogate your data, it can all be done within the Cordial platform. Reduce your Marketing team’s reliance on devops time to perform data manipulation tasks while also reducing the costs needed for 3rd party data hosting.

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What do you have for predictive?

"Content is what is ultimately going to drive the revenue from the program. There’s this mentality, this black box is going to...find the right customer and give them the right can find that solution, but that generally becomes problematic as you grow..."

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"Part of Cordial’s real magic is its ability to ingest complex data, analyze it, and allow us to execute on those decisions in real time. New data sets and insights are available to us immediately – without having to involve our IT department or outside resources to match and map the data for us. Cordial does it all and does so instantaneously. No other platform can claim this ability and that’s a game-changer."

Scott Perry, EVP, Digital Marketing at Jerome's Furniture

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