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Increase mobile app engagement with better messaging

Engage your customers with personalized in-app messages based on everything you know about their behaviors across your mobile app, website, email and SMS messages, in-store experiences, and more.

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Example of mobile app functionality with Cordial
Native push notifications and in-app messages

With Cordial’s native iOS and Android software development kits (SDKs), agile marketers and developers can send a better message in mobile, too. What sets Cordial’s native SDKs apart? Speed to market and industry-leading data security. Data transformations inside Cordial simplify migration from mobile platforms without additional engineering effort, and enterprise-grade security features keep customer data safe.

Create behavior-based mobile messaging automations

Adding another channel to your marketing mix is no problem with Cordial’s native in-app and push notification platform. Designed to give marketers the same level of automation and personalization in mobile app messaging as they have in email, all mobile push notifications and in-app messages created in Cordial are built off our Data Platform, resulting in personal, relevant, and intelligent messages. Trigger mobile messages based on real-time events, such as new app downloads and loyalty signups to increase mobile app engagement.

Increase app engagement and retention with cross-channel orchestrations

Create a cross-channel welcome series that starts with a detailed welcome email encouraging app downloads. Once downloaded, trigger a push notification in the same orchestration with an in-app only introductory offer to fuel engagement. If the app isn’t downloaded, continue to promote your app in email using dynamic content. The best part? These orchestrations are easily set up by the marketer in Cross-channel Orchestration Builder.

Build advanced customer segments using data from all channels

Leverage your tried and true email marketing strategies in your mobile app marketing. Cordial is built on a foundation of data so that the same audience rules created for email can be used to segment your mobile app users. From welcome series to order confirmations, integrate your mobile app marketing with your existing email campaigns.

"Email and app channels shouldn't be used in the same way. They serve different but complementary functions, and are interconnected in the way that people relate to them. You have to think of it as an ecosystem, rather than a channel you're porting over to one or the other. At SoulCycle, because of the nature of our businesses and people booking studio classes, our retail team uses a lot of push messaging. So we've really refined message segmentation, targeting, and timing in particular."

The Email Marketer's Guide to Mobile App Messaging

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