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The importance of personalization in this new era of customer engagement

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Today, we’re releasing the findings from our new consumer study, revealing changes in customer engagement expectations. The full report, The New Era of Customer Engagement, draws from the voices of 2,000 consumers, providing insight into evolving personalization expectations, opportunities for growth and innovations for marketers to better engage with their customers. 

When communicating with customers today, brands must break through endless noise to reach their customers. Tools and strategies that worked 10 years ago, let alone two years ago, no longer apply,” said Jeremy Swift, CEO and co-founder of Cordial. “Expectations are at an all-time high as technology, instant gratification and myriad other experiences have shifted the norm for consumers. Customers want and expect greater personalization and relevant communication from brands. Highly personalized content is a must in today’s marketing landscape, and partial data and disconnected channels don’t cut it. Marketers need strong data capabilities to really ensure they are communicating with customers in the ways they expect. Brands must take the time to understand customer expectations and meet them where they are — with more thoughtful and timely communications.

As digital channels become the primary source of shopping efforts, consumer marketing is shifting to an anytime, anywhere approach, allowing customers access at their fingertips. With accelerated online shopping behaviors and expectations, traditional, cyclical outbound messages from brands are no longer sufficient to drive engagement and retain brand loyalists. 

Cordial collected data from two consumer surveys of 1,000 adults, age 18 and older, who live in the United States, focusing on consumer expectations, communications, and experiences in the customer journey to understand changing preferences and behaviors.

Key findings from the report include: 

  • Consumers shop more with those who invest in greater personalization: 81% of consumers are more likely to buy from stores and brands that communicate with them in personal, relevant ways.
  • Consumers want marketers to use data in more sophisticated ways to improve their experience: 70% of consumers would be willing to share more information with brands if they knew they would use it to improve their shopping experience.
  • The importance of mobile apps is rising in both online and in-store shopping experiences: 70% of consumers are shopping via mobile apps more frequently than they did a year ago, and 76% prefer when stores and brands offer their own mobile apps for shopping.
  • Brand loyalty motivators differ by generation: Two-thirds (67%) of Boomers and nearly half (49%) of Gen X say that giving them the lowest price is the best way to win their loyalty. More than half (54%) of Millennials and 44% of Gen Z shoppers point to personalized offers and incentives to keep them happy.

“Our customers have shifted their expectations and as a brand, we have to listen to what they want if we’re going to stand out from competitors,” said Angela Gow, Director of Digital Merchandising and Email at Eddie Bauer. “It is imperative for us to provide a personalized and relevant experience that allows our customers to feel connected, understood, and heard. By deeply personalizing our channels of communication through Cordial, we have seen a major increase in engagement and a 7% boost in average order value.”

For timely consumer insights and marketing approaches you can take today to deliver on those customer expectations, access the report or connect with us to learn more about Cordial.

About the data
Two consumer surveys were conducted by Dynata on behalf of Cordial between March 16-23, 2022 and April 12-16, 2022. In each study, we surveyed 1,000 adults, age 18 and older, who live in the United States. The samples were balanced by age, gender, region, ethnicity, Hispanic origin, income, and children in household according to the U.S. Census. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables and subgroup sample sizes, please contact marketing@cordial.com.