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What if your marketing platform was as effortless as speaking to another marketer?

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Sebastian DuerrGenerative AI Engineer

In a world where AI hype is everywhere, Cordial is creating something far more powerful – human understanding at scale. Cordial AI revolutionizes the way marketers extract strategic value from their data by harnessing the power of natural language. With Cordial AI, marketers can ask questions, explore insights, and interact with their data using plain language, breaking down the barriers of technical complexity.

As I discussed in a recent webinar , Large Language Models (LLMs) enable intuitive questioning against data using everyday language. Sophisticated SQL then translates these natural language queries into accessible insights without the need for specialized technical skills.

Cordial delivers such capabilities for marketers through an intuitive technology designed for natural conversation. Without technical expertise, marketers can explore campaign metrics, audiences, and other key data through everyday language—as effortless as speaking to another marketer.

Natural language: The key to unlocking marketing data

At Cordial, the seamless connection of natural language and data analytics democratizes marketing data, making it accessible to all marketers, no matter their technical level. Marketers can ask questions or provide instructions in plain language, transcending the need for specialized knowledge in SQL or reliance on technical analysts. This paradigm shift enables marketers from diverse backgrounds to access and analyze data, enhancing the reach and utility of data analytics.

Example: A marketer asks, “Create a segment of active customers in my premier loyalty segment who haven’t purchased in the last 30 days.” On legacy platforms, this query would require proficiency in SQL. However, Cordial’s natural language interface translates this request into an SQL query, not only yielding straightforward answers but also automatically creating the segment for immediate use in your marketing campaigns, all without the need for complex technical skills.

A platform that understands marketers

Cordial AI is not another complex platform for you to learn. We believe that marketers should get to focus on what they do best—creating impactful strategies and compelling content. Cordial’s focus on enabling marketers allows the platform to deliver unique advantages, including:

  1. Pre-built models: Unlike generic query tools, Cordial provides pre-built models tailored to common marketing questions and KPIs. This enables marketers to leverage natural language immediately, without the need for extensive setup or customization.
  2. Cross-channel view: Cordial’s strength in data unification ensures that analysis isn’t siloed. Natural language queries can seamlessly consider email engagement alongside social interactions or website behavior, providing a holistic view of customer interactions.
  3. Actionable results: Insights are directly integrated with Cordial’s Orchestration Builder. Upon identifying a high-potential segment, marketers can build and launch targeted campaigns with just a few clicks, streamlining the process from insights to execution. This means you can go from asking a question to executing a targeted campaign in minutes, not days or weeks.

The integration of natural language processing and SQL in Cordial AI represents a paradigm shift in the way marketers leverage and understand data. By combining the power of natural language processing with the structured data capabilities of SQL, Cordial is enabling marketers to unlock unprecedented insights, optimize campaigns, and achieve measurable results through human understanding at scale. Learn more about Cordial AI.

Where natural language and marketing converge