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Distributed marketing and the distributed marketer with SmarterSends

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CordialSend a better message.

Distributed marketing focuses on a network of partners or channels (otherwise known as channel marketing) to sell a product at a local level and reach out to their local networks to sell the product. The marketing messages sent are co-branded and are often a large sum of your bottom line. Think insurance agents, financial advisors, distributors, travel agents…the list goes on.

Over the years we have found that the right distributed marketing platform does more than just enable partners and channels. The use cases vary from a hotel chain empowering their various food, beverage, events, and entertainment departments, to an apartment management company empowering their individual apartment managers and residents, to nonprofits enabling local chapters and regions to communicate with their constituents at the local level, and human resources sending internal communications to employees. 

What is the right distributed marketing platform?

The right platform serves two key functions: management and the end-user.

Management needs enough control over brand compliance, scheduling, reporting, and approvals, and they need a thirty thousand foot view of what’s going on locally to remove the bottleneck of the endless requests from their distributed teams. 

End-users want to get their job done in the quickest, easiest way possible, with a very little learning curve. They tend to be non-technical users and are not interested in coding or setup. They need to get on the platform quickly, send their messages, and get on with the rest of their day.

Approved assets need to be front and center to maintain brand compliance and there should be no guesswork on what and when something can be sent. 

The platform needs to be fast and reliable, easy to set up, and cost-effective.

The problem

Many of the available distributed marketing platforms are either too complicated for the end-user, are too expensive to implement, or don’t integrate well with your current marketing stack, making for a sluggish experience that doesn’t leverage your current infrastructure.

Introducing Cordial and SmarterSends 

Cordial is a next-gen cross-channel messaging and data platform that leverages all of your data to create highly personal, intelligent, and relevant marketing messages.

SmarterSends is a distributed marketing platform designed to tightly integrate with Cordial, empowering your distributed marketing teams to create, schedule, and deploy marketing messages using an incredibly simple and intuitive interface.

There are five key factors to know about the combination of these powerful platforms:

  1. There is ZERO implementation cost: It takes less than 5 minutes to get SmarterSends set up in your Cordial instance. Simply enter an authorization key into the SmarterSends platform, and you are connected to your Cordial instance.
  2. Ease of use was one of the primary design goals: The learning curve for the distributed marketer is negligible. In less than 10 minutes your distributed users can be creating, scheduling, and deploying brand-compliant marketing messages.
  3. Management has all the controls they need: Enforce compliance from an integrated approval workflow to locking down message sections.
  4. SmarterSends leverages the power of the Cordial system: Take full advantage of Cordial’s advanced functions at the messaging management level.
  5. It’s cost-effective: The combination is less than half the per-user cost of other distributed marketing platforms. Along with access to your current per-message cost, SmarterSends is the most cost-effective way to empower your distributed marketing teams.

With teams becoming more and more distributed, implementing a distributed marketing platform is quickly becoming an essential part of the modern company’s tech stack. 

Empowering non-technical users to create, schedule, and deploy marketing messages, while giving management the control they need to ensure compliance across the board is an effective way to drive revenue and growth while removing bottlenecks that can slow down progress and create distractions.

For more information on Cordial and SmarterSends, you can schedule a demo here.

This was a guest post by our friend Evan Lazarus at SmarterSends

SmarterSends is designed with both corporate and non-technical users in mind. With no onboarding costs, an extremely easy-to-use interface, and more controls than you could ever want, SmarterSends empowers non-technical distributed marketing teams to create, schedule, and deploy email marketing messages quickly and easily.