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Today’s empowered consumers expect cross-channel experiences

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CordialMake a connection.

Consumers don’t behave in a linear line. They flip between devices and channels, creating valuable opportunities for marketers to interact with them at each step.

In 2000, roughly 83% of consumers used 1-2 touch-points during their path to purchase. In 2015 this number shrank to a mere 25%, with the majority (67%) of consumers beginning to use 3-6 touch-points. It’s no surprise that this growing trend has caused 90% of consumers to expect brands to deliver a seamless experience across the channels they interact and purchase in. The key to delivering a seamless customer experience is having a platform that enables you to do so. 

Introducing Cordial’s bidirectional integration with Segment.  

Segment seamlessly sends contact data from your Segment account to appropriate data collections within Cordial. With Segment, you can use Cordial’s powerful data and messaging tools to build audiences, personalize message content, and trigger messages across multiple channels.

The types of Segment contact data Cordial currently ingests:

  • Identify – Contact identification data unique to each contact.
  • Group – Contact group associations, which are mapped to Cordial’s lists.
  • Track – Actions and action properties, also known as events, the contact has performed.
  • Page – Contact’s website page view records including page properties.

Data is the basic building block of marketing decisions. You must be able to capture all of your data and stitch it together. The better you understand your customers, the better their experiences will be with your brand.

With Cordial’s Data Platform, marketers can capture limitless customer and business data to hyper-personalize each message sent to individual customers.

We are proud to connect our clients with best-in-class technology to integrate data, fuel engagement and growth, and drive digital transformation. You can view the full list of Cordial’s integrations here. If you’re interested in joining our partner community, let’s get in touch.

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