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Spring 2024 Product Showcase recap: Balancing innovation and efficiency

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Andrea Cory

Maintaining a competitive edge demands that marketers navigate a delicate balance between innovation and efficiency. While the appeal of cutting-edge technology, such as the current AI trend, is undeniable, numerous companies find themselves grappling with excessively bloated tech stacks and unfulfilled AI promises. With an average of 16 martech tools in use and feedback from many of our clients at Cordial indicating the onset of AI fatigue, it’s evident that the relentless pursuit of innovation can inadvertently lead to inefficiencies and less-than-optimal results. 

Cordial is committed to addressing these challenges head-on. During our Spring Product Showcase, we unveiled 11 new capabilities that empower marketers to overcome these obstacles. These capabilities align with three investment themes: 

  1. Accelerating connectivity and marketing strategies
  2. Optimizing user-experience and workflow
  3. Unlocking human understanding with AI

Take a closer look at highlights of Cordial’s spring innovations, and get a sneak peek into what’s on the horizon. If you want an overview of all the new releases, which we’ve listed below, be sure to check out the full webinar here:


New Releases 

Universal Connector


Send Time Optimization 

Gen AI Capabilities

Message Analysis

NL Audience Builder

Category Propensity

SMS/MMS Enhancements

Contact Profile Upgrade 

Proofing Enhancements

Image Library Upgrade

Accelerating connectivity and supercharging marketing strategies 

Cordial strives to help marketers consistently nail their campaigns with maximum efficiency and productivity, turning success into a regular and repeatable occurrence. We developed the following products to make it easier for marketers to implement interconnected marketing strategies and seamlessly integrate Cordial with their diverse tech stack and vice-versa. 

Universal Connector: Integrations made simple

Recognizing our clients’ reliance on third-party apps for vital marketing elements, we prioritize seamless integrations to accelerate time to market and ensure smooth data flow. That’s why we’ve developed Cordial’s Universal Connector, supporting both inbound and outbound real-time data streams to simplify the integration process between Cordial and other applications.

Programs: Optimize marketing strategies against business KPIs 

Programs provide marketers with comprehensive data on entire marketing strategies and their impact on larger business objectives. Combining all Cordial products and tactics, programs offer a cohesive approach for scalable, repeatable, and measurable marketing success. Interested in tracking the impact of daily and real-time automations and optimizing strategies accordingly? Our Programs product enables precisely that. In the future, we’ll leverage Cordial AI to optimize against any custom business variable, like margin or inventory turnover.

Optimizing User-Experience and Workflow

At Cordial, ensuring user satisfaction is always our top priority, all while streamlining workflow. This batch of spring releases is tailored to provide marketers with intuitive tools that simplify message creation, testing, and audience segmentation. Cordial’s user experience and workflows assist marketers in running error-free campaigns and delivering personalized experiences to their customers.  

SMS/MMS Enhancements: Supercharging Cordial’s SMS Product

Cordial clients are using SMS to interact with their customers in a timely and engaging way, and with our latest SMS enhancements, they’re able to establish fresh connections with their customers compliantly and promptly. Previously, Cordial clients could utilize Promotional and Automated SMS. This spring, we introduced Transactional SMS. Now, you can set up and send transactional messages without requiring a double opt-in. These messages notify customers about everything from order confirmations to delivery updates. At Cordial, compliance is a priority. That’s why we’ve also adjusted our SMS quiet hours to ensure all messages are received when customers aren’t sleeping. 

Unlocking human understanding with AI

Cordial AI empowers marketers with a comprehensive approach for deep customer insights, optimized messaging, and a natural language AI interface to humanize understanding at scale, making it more than just a suite of tools but the key to unlocking a comprehensive understanding of your customers, your messages, and you – the marketer. With the AI hype being everywhere, making simplistic AI tools is table stakes. At Cordial we’re creating something more powerful. We’re using AI to unlock understanding at scale. 

Here’s what we mean by this: Skipping straight to generating without understanding only adds more tests without real learning. To predict accurately, you need to understand first. Then, with prediction comes the ability to prescribe solutions. And when you can prescribe solutions, you can automate them. Our vision for AI is to develop AI tools to lay the groundwork for a deep understanding, paving the way for significant transformation.

Send Time Optimization: Engage customers at the perfect moment 

Understanding the right time to send a customer a message to get them to perform the action that you, the marketer, wants is crucial for driving engagement. Cordial’s Send Time Optimization (STO) stands out by leveraging past interactions to pinpoint the best moment to engage customers. Unlike other STO tools, our STO considers past engagement, order history, and browsing behavior, driving significant increases in engagement and revenue. Tests with a major outdoor retailer showed a remarkable 30% increase in average order value and a 29% increase in revenue per email.

Message Analysis: Make your messages count

We believe the foundation of generation and automation lives with understanding, once you can understand, you can predict, and when you can predict, you can automate. With Message Analysis, marketers can gain deeper understanding into message performance through automated labeling and modeling. And what we mean by labeling, is that we’re labeling image types, discount inclusions and more to further understand. 

Natural Language Audience Builder: Create audience segments with natural language

Cordial’s new Natural Language Audience Builder uses AI to simplify audience creation for marketers. Marketers can ask questions like, “Show me engaged customers who bought shoes and pants in the last 30 days,” and Cordial instantly builds the segment, speeding up campaign launch and optimization.

A look at what’s coming soon 

At Cordial, progress is perpetual. We’re constantly innovating and refining our offerings to provide marketers with products that enable them to connect with their customers more efficiently and effectively. Here’s a sneak peak at the exciting developments Cordial has in store for the coming months!

Predict Frequency and Channel

Predict the ideal cadence and channel for sending individual customers messages to increase engagement and reduce risk of unsubscribes. 

Natural Language Analytics

Ask questions of your data such as, “How much revenue did I generate from SMS shoppers in NYC?”

If you liked what you saw here and are interested in trying out one of these products, speak to your Cordial Rep, or if you’re not a Cordial client, schedule a demo today. Don’t forget to join us for our Summer Product Showcase.