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Celebrating Cyber Week successes

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Jeni BishopDirector, Marketing

Now that the stress and excitement of cyber week is behind us, our clients have shared some of their most successful campaigns sent through Cordial earlier this month. By leveraging customer data such as browse behavior and past purchases, our clients are making personal connections with their customers, increasing engagement, and—most importantly during cyber week—increasing revenue. Consider the power of using all the customer data you have, compared to the 48% of retail marketers we surveyed who rely solely on first name as a means of personalization. If this sounds like your marketing strategy, we absolutely can help you send a better message.


Rockler used the Cordial platform to send a highly personalized browse abandon message that gave customers a last chance to purchase what they browsed on Black Friday, along with a product visual. This particular email garnered an open rate of over 50% and a 20% click-to-open rate (CTOR). Combined with personalization based on browsing behavior within a specific time frame, the email drove a 20x increase in revenue per email over Black Friday 2018

Rockler Black Friday email example

Lucky Brand

Comparing Lucky Brand’s cyber week promotions—it’s clear that personal, relevant messaging impacts customer engagement in a big way. Their Black Friday emails were scheduled sends with a single banner and a few CTAs to drive traffic to their website. But on Cyber Monday, Lucky Brand introduced more product imagery in their emails and saw an instant uptick in CTOR—improving by 140%! The Sculpt block used within Lucky Brand’s Cyber Monday email was developed and recommended by the Cordial Client Experience team—this is something we can do for you too!

Lucky Black Friday email example

Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie wanted to take advantage of the high traffic during cyber week, and drive email signups. They creatively used their homepage lightbox to promote a $500 raffle in addition to their 40% off sale. Within 11 days of launching the campaign, Beauty Bakerie received 8,074 signups:

  • 1,601 signups and a 7.9% click-through rate on desktop
  • 6,473 signups and a 10.42% click-through rate on mobile
Beauty Bakerie Cyber Week email example

Best Bully Sticks

According to Rick Barlow, E-Commerce Marketing Manager, Best Bully Sticks’ cyber week email campaigns performed well because of a number of factors: “We did a lot of pre-work on social about our upcoming hourly deals, and the lightboxes helped reinforce the offer that we were presenting,” he said. Rick also shared some recommendations to optimize campaigns for higher customer engagement next year:

  • Opt for a blanket offer on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  • Create offers that are 4-6 hours long so customers have time to check their inbox.
  • Create a lightbox for all the offers so customers know the different deals happening throughout the day or week. Tip: Cordial can support multiple buttons on one lightbox that directs to different pages or products!
  • SMS would be a good fit for hourly sales going forward.
Rugs Direct

Rugs Direct is a leading e-commerce retailer in the area rugs category selling more than 200,000 SKUs exclusively through a direct-to-consumer model. The company recently acquired Lightopia in the modern lighting space. Together, they are well-positioned to be a leader in the mid- to high-end home furnishings market.

Since last year’s cyber week, Rugs Direct saw a 97.75% YoY revenue increase in their automated campaigns. Since 2018, they’ve implemented product details page and product results page browse campaigns. These abandoned card campaigns are “net new this year, so we’re excited about the addition,” mentioned Brittany Rickett, Manager of Digital Content at Rugs Direct. Earlier in 2019, Cordial worked with Rugs Direct to dynamically render product images in their browse abandon automations. In these automations, Cordial also looks at other recent browse events to identify products that a user will likely be interested in. Those products then appear under the header “recommendations just for you!” These automations allow Rugs Direct to engage with more customers in real-time, leading to higher engagement and revenue from their email channel.