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December 2021: Top three product enhancements

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As we reflect on 2021 and make predictions for what 2022 will bring, we’re sharing the key product features and enhancements we designed this year to help our clients send a better message in the New Year and beyond. We take pride in helping leading brands by:

  • Enabling them to craft perfect mobile app messages
  • Helping them to seamlessly build and manage complex audiences
  • Empowering them to track audience trends

Craft the perfect mobile app messages, no coding required

Cordial has a flexible drag-and-drop message builder called Sculpt that harnesses the power of Cordial’s personalization engine to help marketers send a better, more relevant message. Teams can create branded, personalized content blocks and build 1:1 customer experiences in minutes—taking the strain off development and IT teams.

Cordial recently made Sculpt even more expansive, with the addition of Sculpt for mobile in-app messages. The same great benefits and powerful real-time personalization capabilities Cordial clients already had for email are now available for mobile in-app messages, without the need for HTML.

Sculpt for Mobile in-app can help teams:

  • Personalize experiences by adding in a recently purchased item
  • Improve customer satisfaction by gathering feedback via a polling or survey component
  • Easily test and preview messages by viewing dynamic personalized elements at the contact level
  • Grow your subscriber base by capturing SMS or email subscription opt-in
  • Connect with your customers by capturing additional notification methods outside of the app (ex: enable push notifications)
push examples

Seamlessly build and manage complex audiences

Top marketers know that in order to better engage with customers, it’s important to segment your audience base accordingly. You can spend hours crafting the perfect personalized message, but these efforts are fruitless if you’re sending to the wrong audience. Cordial’s Audience Builder has always been a powerful tool in our clients’ marketing tool belt, and we recently rolled out several key new features.

audience builder

Enhanced user interface features to help marketers easily build audience segments.

  • Easily craft the perfect audiences with a flexible UI: with both drag-and-drop or click-to-add options, adding new attribute fields is as easy as either the click of a button or the drag of a mouse.
  • Streamline audience creation for your team members: can’t remember the exact name of the attribute you’re looking for? Now, you can run a search across all attribute fields, helping new team members learn the lay of the land and save time creating audiences.

Linked audiences, or audience nesting, to help your team better manage complex segments.

  • Reduce errors and save build time: managing a single linked audience is much easier and less error-prone than managing unique audiences in various locations
  • Support more complex audience rules: an additional level of nesting can help you drill down even further, or even mix with other rules and components, when building complex audiences

Easily track audience trends at-a-glance

Once you’ve done all the work of setting up audiences in Audience Builder, you might want to track and monitor certain segments to make sure they’re growing as you’d hoped. For example, if you have the initiative to grow users in a particular product category or across a new channel.

Our Audience Trends dashboard view helps marketers:

  • Take action if you see a dip in audience counts
  • See how audiences grow over time

Teams can choose from set time frames or set a custom range. Up to nine audiences can be added to the dashboard, so you can pick and choose which audiences you’d like to keep a close eye on. You can also export the data into excel for an even deeper-level dive.

audience trends

Want to see how Cordial can help you take your cross-channel messaging to the next level? Contact our team to learn more.