Activate your customer data in real-time

Create a 360 degree view of your customers and your business

Your business thrives on data. Without it, you're flying blind. Use all of your data from every corner of your tech stack to personalize, segment and optimize in real-time.

When we say "use data from anywhere", we mean it

Point of sale, connected products, mobile, web, inventory, events, behaviors, location, purchase, demographics, CRMs, CDPs...and more. These are just a few of the places Cordial can pull data from. You name it, we can use it.

Quickly and easily import data

Cordial is built on flexible architecture that allows you to easily import any type of data into the platform. Pick the method that's easiest for you: REST API, Javascript SDK, Amazon S3 Buckets, SFTP or Kinesis.

Don't shoehorn your business model into our structure. Make your own

Cordial lets you define custom attribute schemas based on the what is important to you. If you're a retailer you can store specific information like purchases, location, and behavior. If you're a publisher, you might focus on cohorts and content. Cordial offers ultimate flexibility.

Your legacy tech is holding you back

Rigid architecture and fragmented data are stifling your team’s innovation and making it hard to create engaging brand experiences. Learn why Cordial is the last messaging platform you will ever need.