The only moment that matters to your customers is "right now"

Cordial Mosaic acts as a hub where all of your customer and business data can be connected and activated in real-time. Data flows into Mosaic from wherever it lives in your technology stack and can be used immediately to create tailored customer experiences without external manipulation or file re-formatting.

Tillys uses Mosaic to unify customer data to connect their digital and in-store experiences.

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Create more engaging customer experiences due to better access to customer data to create personalized messaging.

Activate data from anywhere in your technology stack to create a real-time view of how your customers are interacting with your brand.

Simplify campaign creation processes and operate more efficiently.

Free up valuable budget by consolidating redundant marketing communication technology.

Use data the second it is generated within Cordial for audience segmentation, message personalization, triggered automations,or content optimization.

Learn how Cordial can help you create a 360 degree view of your business and your customers.

Join 200 of the world’s leading brands who use Cordial to build tailored customer experiences that drive bottom-line impact.

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