Identification is the foundation of personalization

Track, identify, and engage every visitor with tailored incentives that drive action and create standout brand experiences. The ability to identify anonymous visitors early on in the sales funnel will enable you to curate every aspect of their buying experience, continually driving them towards a specific action.

"Primer is a huge part of our user acquisition strategy and has been instrumental to our online revenue growth. We’re able to setup a lead capture form or promotional banner within minutes and are capturing 1500 new users a month."

Ben Johnson
Senior Marketing Manager


Cultivate a deeper understanding of your customers.

Increase your conversion rate and capture more leads.

Create engaging and relevant user experiences.

Customers see a 2x increase in lead capture in the first 7-days.

Average of 3x-5x website conversion improvement after 30 days.

Learn how Cordial can help you create a 360 degree view of your business and your customers.

Join 200 of the world’s leading brands who use Cordial to build tailored customer experiences that drive bottom-line impact.

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