Create a single source of truth for all customer data

Cordial acts as a hub where all of your customer and business data can be connected and activated in real-time. Data flows into the platform from wherever it lives in your technology stack and creates living customer profiles that act as the foundation for personalized communications.

Activate real-time customer and business data

Cordial can ingest and process customer event, behavior, and purchase data from virtually any source. Use data from POS systems, connected IoT products, mobile apps, beacons, websites, product inventory, CRMs, CDPs and more. All data can be used in real-time to build tailored customer experiences.

Leverage multiple data streams to create tailored messaging

Create messages leveraging multiple real-time data feeds to draw on all previous customer touchpoints, whether they are in-store, on your website, or within your mobile app. All of this data works in concert to curate deeply contextual, personalized brand experiences that create customers and build brand loyalty.

Trigger messages based on real-time behavioral and event data

Respond to what your customers are doing right now with message orchestrations that can be triggered by profile updates, real time behaviors, or timestamps. Real-time communications ensure that relevant, engaging communications are delivered when your customers are primed for action.

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Connect in-store purchase data with online browse and event data

Remove data silos and unite all of your marketing technology systems

Build truly 1:1 personalized experiences to better engage customers

React in real-time to customer behaviors and signals

75% of retailers say Personalization is their #1 priority for 2019.

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Connect subscriber data from multiple endpoints

Use data from social or advertisement platforms to inform the content experience

Increase subscriber list and repeat visitors with 1:1 personalized content

Increase engagement, time-on-site and retention

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