Unite customer data and activate it in real-time

Cordial Mosaic can ingest and process customer event, behavior, and purchase data from virtually any source. Use data from POS systems, connected IoT products, mobile apps, beacons, websites, product inventory, CRMs, Customer Data Platforms and more. All data can be used in real-time to build tailored customer experiences.

Create a consistent customer experience from identification to advocacy

Track, identify, and engage every visitor and customer with tailored incentives that drive action and create standout brand experiences. The ability to identify anonymous visitors early in the sales funnel will enable you to curate every aspect of their buying experience, continually driving them towards a specific action.

Connect communications across channels and personalize in real-time

Use multiple real-time data feeds from anywhere in your technology stack to create truly personalized communications throughout the customer journey. Email, web, mobile push, SMS, and direct mail campaigns, can all be connected using a user-friendly visual interface.

Build sophisticated message automations

Cordial triggers messages in real-time based on up-to-the-second event and behavioral data. Welcome series, re-engagement campaigns, cart abandonment messages, back-in-stock notifications, all sent the moment a customer is primed for action.

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Connect digital and in-store experiences

Trigger price drop and back-in-stock notifications

Send consistent messaging across email, mobile and web experiences

Increase new customer signup with personalized web forms

75% of retailers say Personalization is their #1 priority for 2019.

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Leverage customer data from web and mobile to deliver relevant content

Deliver relevant content wherever your subscribers happen to be

Recommend content using real-time customer event data

Increase subscribers with personalized web forms

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