Stream all of your real-time customer and business data into Cordial, regardless of its structure or schema, and create simple workflows for your digital and marketing teams. Cordial meets you wherever your data is today. See where we can go together.

Let the scale of your data work for you

Data is the foundation for personal, relevant, and emotionally intelligent messaging. Our technology is built to ingest and activate all of your data, flexibly and frictionlessly.

Cordial offers an enterprise-ready, next-generation data platform for as many real-time data sources that you want to enable: web, mobile, in-store, POS, CRM, beacons, other marketing platforms, or pretty much anything available via REST.

Invest in high ROI digital workflows

Cordial’s agile user interfaces allow technologists and marketing teams to work better, faster, and smarter together. By developing complex reusable and scalable messaging workflows in Sculpt, our headless messaging CMS, and Podium, our visual journey orchestration builder, your marketing team can quickly create new revenue-generating messages across channels, even new ones, without future technical resources.

Future-proof your messaging technology

It’s your data, and Cordial makes it easy to import, export, and transform data for use in real-time. Our proprietary data transformation workflows allow you to generate net-new values for use inside or outside the platform.

Calculate lifetime value, segment your audience, and export it to Facebook. Use those results to personalize your next campaign. When technologists and marketing teams come together, the possibilities are endless.

Begin streaming on day one

With multiple real-time data feeds flowing into the platform, complex data is activated and ready for immediate use in your messaging programs.

The Cordial Data Platform empowers your marketing team to segment audiences, trigger automations, optimize content, and create personal messages based on your customers’ individual behavior and your ever-changing business data.

Align your teams to deliver personal messages across all your channels at scale

Join the world's leading brands who partner with us to communicate cordially

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