Activate real-time customer data to create personalized messaging

Most messaging platforms only let you use one data endpoint to personalize messages, creating a one-dimensional ineffective customer experience. Cordial enables you to use an unlimited amount of real-time customer and business data to personalize every aspect of a message, unlocking true 1:1 personalization at a contact level, not a cohort level.

Create tailored customer experiences using a native drag and drop message builder

Sculpt is an 100% native, drag-and-drop message editor that harnesses the power and flexibility of Cordial’s personalization engine. Create and save branded, personalized content blocks and that use real-time data from anywhere in your tech stack and use them to quickly build tailored customer experiences.

Remove marketing dependance on engineering for core functions

Cordial empowers the marketer to operate independently of development and engineering resources. Tasks like audience segmentation, personalization, and automation can be accomplished in seconds with no complicated queries or workarounds, enabling marketers to operate faster and more efficiently.

Launch more campaigns with fewer roadblocks

Instead of using multiple UIs and editors to build customer communications, you can create sophisticated, personalized messaging streams quickly and easily from a single UI. Bring more campaigns to market, reduce your time to value, and create a deeply tailored customer experience.

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Bring more campaigns to market more quickly

Move beyond simple message segmentation to true 1:1 message personalization

Increase Revenue Per Email with personalized recommendations

Connect and personalize all customer communications

75% of retailers say Personalization is their #1 priority for 2019.

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Increase engagement with personalized content recommendations

Use browse and event data to tailor email and mobile communications

Build your subscriber list with personalized web forms

Provide every subscriber with a unique 1:1 content experience

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