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Cordial Revenue Insights: Which campaigns are really driving the most revenue?

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What do revenue attribution and The Lord of the Rings trilogy have in common? This post is about to get real nerdy, but hear me out.

I’ll assume everyone’s up-to-date on their LOTR background info here, but if you’ve been living under a rock the last 20 years since the movies were released (or 70 years for the books!) I’ll go ahead and post an obligatory [spoiler alert].

At the end of the long journey, Frodo is the one who carried the ring to Mount Doom. He faced the biggest obstacles and is ultimately the person who gets credit for completing this task, but he wouldn’t have gotten far if not for the help of others.

As today’s world of cross-channel marketing becomes more complex and convoluted, how do you determine which of your campaigns are the most directly-related to a particular conversion (the Frodos) and which ones were part of the journey, but ultimately play an assisting role (the Sams, Gandalfs, or Aragorns)?

Cordial recently expanded our revenue attribution insights designed to help our clients demystify the attribution process and determine which campaigns – and channels – are driving the most revenue.

Credit where credit is due…

Have you ever received an email with a product you thought would be perfect for a friend, spouse, parent, fellow hobbit, etc.? If you forward that email to someone and they complete a conversion or purchase from that email, how should that be tracked? Even though the initial subscriber wasn’t the one to complete the purchase, the email you sent contributed to the final purchase.

Cordial’s new indirect order attribution makes sure the right messages get proper credit, helping you see what’s working and what’s not (and helping you focus on campaigns that drive the most revenue!).

This doesn’t just cover the forwarded email example above. Maybe your brand is including deeplinks to your app or website within an email and wondering if the deeplinking is attributing correctly. Or maybe one of your contacts is subscribed via their work email but is logged into your website via their personal email address. Both of these scenarios are covered under indirect order attribution, giving you greater insight into a campaign’s success.

Enhanced attribution options for cross-channel marketers

When a customer clicks on a link from an email or text message, they are typically directed to a brand’s website to browse or complete a purchase. However, brands with a mobile app can deliver a more tailored experience in their app and might want to direct customers (who have the app installed) directly to the app instead of the main website.

As you can imagine, this type of app-related revenue attribution can be tricky. Many companies turn to third party providers to provide KPI tracking—adding yet another provider and budget line – to a marketing team’s ever-growing tech stack.

Cordial’s new mobile app attribution eliminates the need to use a third party, and gives marketers a clearer picture of their cross-channel campaigns, and saves your team money. The best part? This feature is included out-of-the-box with Cordial’s mobile app SDK.

What drives the most revenue for your business?

These enhancements take another step in our quest to become the one platform to rule them all (last Lord of the Rings reference, of course) and help our clients drive more revenue and deliver a better, more personalized customer experience.

Curious to see how it works? Talk to a Cordial expert today.