Only Cordial empowers marketing teams with unlimited, up-to-the-second data to create personal messages across any channel. See how Cordial clients generate higher revenue per message and lifetime value across ever-growing audiences.

Promotional, transactional, and triggered messages across any channel

Cordial clients generate higher revenue by deploying all of their messaging in one platform, so customers receive the right personal, relevant, and emotionally intelligent message, regardless of time or channel. Convert anonymous web visitors to loyalty members and grow your list. Experiment with your cart abandonment strategy to re-engage your digital window shopper. Personalize discounting to drive sales and protect margin.

Send your first message in days, not months

Cordial clients begin mailing in less than 30 days (our current average is 16 days to first send). We strive to ensure all of your accounts are ready for you on your very first day. Less time waiting = more time creating!

An unlimited canvas for adaptive customer experiences

With unlimited, up-to-the-second customer and business data available across agile UIs, marketing teams can build truly personal messages in Cordial without code. Combine any number of data sources such as purchase or browse history, content history, brand preferences, location, product catalogs, and proprietary data sources to drive higher customer engagement.

Segment your audience in milliseconds and use it anywhere

Quickly create customer audiences and automatically sync to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google AdWords. Cultivate loyalty with high-value customers, re-engage those most likely to churn, build look-alike audiences, and create consistent brand experiences across other digital touchpoints.

Faster, stronger, more agile marketing

Cross-functional teams should be spending less time executing and more time delivering value. Whether your team practices Agile marketing or just seeks more agility, Kaleidoscope, Sculpt, and Podium bring teams together in one platform to reduce friction, accelerate time to market, decentralize complex campaign management, and grow customer engagement.

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