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4 signs you’ve outgrown your email marketing platform

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Let us paint a picture: Just when you think you’ll have extra time to introduce testing into your messages, your email marketing platform earns you late nights uploading flat files and a deliverability headache. Or, instead of simplifying your daily workflow, your platform only increases the number of manual tasks to make your “marketing automation” functional. Does this sound familiar?

Most cloud-based email service providers (ESPs), some built on ‘90s infrastructure, are complex with too many constraints that hamper efficiency, impede revenue growth, and restrict creative potential. But is it worth the “hassle” of migrating* to a new platform? Here are four signs it’s time to consider upgrading:

*Migrating to Cordial is the opposite of a hassle, see why here.

Sign #1: Your revenue gains seem maxed out

Advanced segmentation, dynamic content personalization, and true cross-channel orchestration allow modern email marketing platforms to drive continuous revenue growth in ways legacy providers simply cannot match. If your email marketing revenue and engagement have plateaued over the last 12-18 months, your current system very likely is leaving money on the table. Before dismissing a migration as not worth the hassle, make sure to carefully evaluate potential new platforms on their tried and true ability to drive revenue growth

Sign #2: Your creative requirements have outgrown the platform’s rigid structure

Outdated architectures hamper creativity. Technical constraints and long development queues stifle innovation, wasting your talented team’s creative potential on uninspiring, templated campaigns. Modern email marketing platforms break down those barriers by providing marketer-friendly tools flexible enough to bring new campaign ideas to life quickly. Dynamic content and templates, advanced audience segmentation, cross-channel orchestration—if you can dream it, you can build it. Unlock your team’s creativity by removing the technological barriers holding your marketing innovation back.

Sign #3: Load times and support requests are taking forever

Think back to dial-up internet speeds—does your current platform feel that slow? Lagging performance drastically cuts into productivity as your team wastes precious time waiting for support to get back to you, and data to update. Beyond mere frustration, delays at scale significantly drag campaign velocity and limit how quickly marketing can move. Prioritize your team’s time and attention above all else by upgrading to a platform engineered for speed and turnaround.

Sign #4: You’re unable to seamlessly integrate multiple channels

Contextual cross-channel messaging simply cannot happen without underlying technology support. If your current email marketing platform falls short on critical capabilities like SMS, push notifications, or integrating data with other channels, you are severely limited in your ability to craft the seamless customer experiences that modern consumers expect. Seek out a platform purpose-built to unify messaging across all critical channels.

Making the switch

If one or more of these signs hit home for you, your team is likely ready to upgrade. Contemplating a migration can feel daunting, but rest assured, with Cordial it does not mean starting from scratch. We can help you seamlessly migrate — so you can activate your data faster and in ways you never thought possible. Learn how Cordial enables you to fully automate your marketing strategies across email, SMS, and mobile app.