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Retail marketing technology trends

How retail marketers plan to implement greater personalization during the second half of 2019.

How a health and wellness e-commerce store leverages cross-platform data to provide the ultimate personalized experience.

Retail Trends Webinar

The biggest retailmarketing trendsaccording to 500retail executives.

How the world’s largest contact lens store uses real-time data to unify its messaging and scale 1:1 personalization.

How Daily Insight Group uses real-time data and triggered messages to power publishing and eCommerce.

How an eCommerce website for military & first responders scrapped journey building for programmatic adaptive messages in under 30 days.

How one sports equipment manufacturer used adaptive lifecycle messaging to increase email revenue by 760 percent.


Identification is the foundation of personalization. Turn anonymous visitors into known customers.


Create tailored customer experiences with drag and drop efficiency.


Interact through individualized SMS experiences to create impactful touchpoints.

Podium Insights

Tailor every customer touchpoint with ease in real-time with a single, visual interface.


Make personalization your competitive advantage with 1:1 customer experiences.

Podium Experiments

You can guess. Or you can know with Cordial Experiments.


Harness your data and create a 360 degree view of your customers using real-time data.

Thinking Outside the Inbox

Achieving Customer-Centric Email Marketing at Scale

Podium Orchestrations

A new way to build and visualize messaging orchestrations that adapt to real-time customer behavior.

Cordial SMS

A powerful channel to connect with your customers through personalized mobile experiences.

Sculpt Overview

Create personalized messages with drag and drop simplicity.

Keep Your Sanity and Your Margin

Understanding Customer Intent During the Holidays

Why Cordial

The foundation for tailored customer experiences.

Take a look under the hood

Review the Cordial knowledge base for a deep dive into features and functionality.

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